6 Farr 280's to compete this season in the UK HP30 Class



In recent developments, the 2016 designed Farr280 has been causing excitement and growing demand, on the South Coast of England, specifically in the HP30 Class.
For the last few years Pandemonium and Toucan have been enjoying competitive racing amongst this fleet of high performance craft, but now they will be joined by more Farr280s: Red, Fomo, Still Messin and Buzz; bringing the 280 contingent to six boats out of a total sixteen boat fleet, in the HP30 Class, Solent Fleet.
Demand has been driven by the Farr280’s impeccable performance characteristics and size, which perhaps is increasingly attractive given the current COVID world and rule of “six” that we live under.  The boat’s geometry allows for it to be sailed competitively with five, six seven crew, which makes campaign management considerably easier than larger boats.
“These boats were always great pieces of kit,” comments Joe Hall, who has been selling the 280 since the launch in 2016.  “We did not get off to as good a start as we had hoped, partly because existing boats have an almost “nuclear” half-life, so it takes a while for owners to get round to replacing their raceboats, but we now seem to be in a good space.”
Currently there is only one other used Farr280 on the market, which is why Farr Yacht Sales are now looking to get back into production. The company is seeking expressions of interest from prospective owners, who might like to buy one of these super boats.  The relaunched Farr280 will be brought to the UK market in two variations: the Club Racer with aluminium rig and the Farr280 GP carbon.
Interested parties can email [email protected] or call +447774 138777 to discuss further. Please share.