Farr X2

Year: 2021
Current Price: 205,000 USD
Hull Material: E-glass Vinylester Foam Core

After months of design and detailed interviews and discussions with sailors around the world we are proud to present the new Farr X2.

This design embodies Farr Yacht Design’s deep understanding of race winning crewed, single and double handed offshore racing yachts, and our many years producing high level grand-prix and production racer and cruiser designs.  The Farr X2 is the product of extensive design development utilizing the most advanced design toolset in the world, including FYD’s proprietary IDEOS platform.  The design is positioned to provide exceptional performance in a wide range of conditions; able to perform in both the toughest offshore races and weekend club races all while being rewarding to sail by both Corinthian crews and professionals. 

At 30 feet the Farr X2 is designed to provide exceptional performance at an affordable price point. The boat is constructed from vacuum consolidated vinylester/E-glass with PVC foam cores and engineered to be robust enough for the most demanding offshore races in the world. The sail plan, deck layout and interior have all been optimized for short-handed sailing; ergonomically designed to maximize crew efficiency in maneuvers and sail changes while keeping the Farr DNA of a beautifully balanced helm and dynamic sailing experience.


Brokerage Name Farr Yacht Sales
Year 2021
Model Farr X2
Builder XSP - Xtreme Sailing Projects
Designer Farr Yacht Design
LOA 9.20m - 30.10ft
Beam 3.20m - 10.50ft
Draft Deep 2.05m - 6.70ft
Displacement 2,450.00kg - 5,402.00lbs
Ballast 895.00kg - 1,970.00lbs
Hull Material E-glass Vinylester Foam Core
Rig Material Carbon
Rig Type Fractional
FYS Broker Bret Perry
L/A Date 2020-10-28
Engine HP 13HP
Engine Manufacturer Volvo Penta
Engine Model D1-13S
Fuel Diesel
Keel Cast Iron T Keel with Composite Shroud and Lead T-Bulb
Propeller Type 2 Blade Folding
Steering Twin Transom Hung Kick-Up Rudder with Tiller + Autopilot
Water Tank Yes

Hull/Deck Construction Details

To be an all-around performer the Farr X2 is built upon a very low drag hull form that can be driven efficiently by a reasonable sail plan even in light air but has sufficient form stability and ballast ratio to achieve exceptional performance in moderate to strong breezes. The hull form is developed from FYD’s race boat development projects and draws on lessons from the extensive computational fluid dynamics studies we have undertaken. 

The hull shape maximizes its effective length relative to its rating without adding extra drag at low speeds.  This is reflected in the long forward overhang and aggressive shaping of the knuckle act to make the boat’s rated length as short as possible, while engaging as effective waterline length once crew is aboard and the boat is underway. The hull features a narrow beam waterline and low wetted surface underbody shape.

In developing this design we explored a range of hull styles including full “scow” hull forms. The scow style works very well in races with large reaching and running components but can suffer significantly in light air and in upwind conditions with a sea way. Our objective with the X2 is to develop a hull form that can be competitive across as wide a range of conditions and we have stepped back from the scow with a finer bow entry but still with sufficient fore-body volume to provide dynamic lift at speed and without inducing a significant added resistance penalty in waves.

In short handed sailing the crew weight contribution boat trim and stability is limited compared to a full crew. Reflecting this we have focused on developing a hull that will automatically respond with favorable trim characteristics as boat speeds increase. 

When sailing in short-handed mode the boat utilizes 250L of water ballast per side to provide additional righting moment. The tank location has been carefully tailored to maximize its stability contributions without providing adverse trim characteristics.

The hull incorporates a number of signature aesthetic features that give the boat a unique character.  The reversed stem, topside chamfer and convex sheer line result in a sleek profile that gives the impression of forward speed even at rest and draw comparison to FYD’s other high level Grand Prix designs. Forward of maximum beam the chamfer feature arcs aggressively down to the lower stem to reduce windage as well as visual heft of the forward topsides. The lower edge of the chamfer feature then creates an interesting break in hull reflections and also works well in concert with the deck features.

Interior Layout

The interior arrangement is optimized for offshore sailing. It features pipe berths port and starboard in main compartment and an innovative rotating navigation station/galley allowing all navigation to be completed while seated to weather.  A hand pump sink and gimballed jet-boil single burner our mounted opposite from the navigation station.  Aft quarter berths are positioned to allow for crew weight aft or weekends away.  An integrated chemical toilet is forward of the mast with a transverse privacy curtain.  Soft hanging lockers are included for light-weight gear stowage.

  • Insulated self-draining cool box.
  • Dedicated tack-able navigation station with galley and gimbaling Jet-boil.
  • Domestic Sani Potty 960 Series Chemical toilet moulded into structure for safe and secure location – includes privacy section.
  • Mid ships adjustable lightweight alloy and canvas pipe cots x 2 (port and starboard).
  • Storage under mid ships pipe cots.
  • Port and Starboard light weight PVC fabric storage lockers.
  • Stipple finish white gel coat.
  • Simplistic but practical racing design.


Electrical System

  • 2 x Way switchboard
  • 3 x Battery switches (on, off and parallel)
  • VSR -charging relay
  • 3 x interior Hella LED lights
  • Magnetic compass with power/light circuit
  • VDO Fuel gauge and sender
  • Ener-drive Battery Monitor
  • 1 x 50 ah sealed gel engine battery – Optima Blue Top
  • 1 x 120 ah sealed house battery – Dekka AGM
  • 1 x dc outlet 
  • 1 x Hella 2LT 980 650-001 M/Head Tri Light.
  • Removable shore battery charger
  • Specifically designed and pre-made house electrics loom with full schematic plan for easy maintenance.
  • Includes pre-installed NMEA 2000 cables and connectors for easy instrument installation. 


Deck Gear

  • Harken high performance racing package specified by Harken Australia.
  • Transom mounted traveller track with course and fine tune end boom sheeting control.
  • Winch-less course topmast runner control with 8:1 fine tune.
  • Athwartships jib tracks and car for full inboard and full out board set up.
  • All controls are led to helm position.
  • Cross sheet and multi sheet control to primary and cabin top winches.
  • Spinlock jammers.
  • Custom carbon bow sprit
  • 1:1 M/Head tack line with Spinlock Jammer
  • 2:1 Tack line Spinlock Jammer
  • 1 x 63890 Lewmar trapezoid forward hatch
  • 2 x 171020 Lewmar cockpit hatches – Port and Starboard
  • 1 x Lockable main cockpit hatch system
  • OSR Cat 1 and ISO/CE Category A offshore stainless-steel stanchions and 5mm 1 x 19mm stainless wire lifelines.
  •  Stainless steel Push and Pull-pit.
  • Centre aft stanchion for required electronic devices.


Winch Package

  • 2 x Performa 46.2 STP Self Tailing primary winches.
  • 2 x Performa 46.2 STP Self Tailing cabin top winches

Spars & Standing Rigging

  • Selden T800 Intermediate Modulus carbon fibre.
  • CnC Pre Preg wound, load orientated filaments to minimise weight and maximise stiffness.
  • Deck stepped two-piece tube for ease of transport and storage.
  • Selden T700 Pre Preg mast head with sheave access and mast head instrument mounts.
  • Twin aerofoil spreaders with 23’ aft rake
  • Machined alloy spreader bars and tangs.
  • Machined twin top mast backstay tangs and SK 99 cables with Technora cover.
  • Selden Carbon Rod vang system
  • M/Head LED tri-light.
  • 1 x Mast Head Halyard sheave exit.
  • 1 x 2:1 15/16 Code Zero halyard sheave and exit.
  • 1 x 2:1 Main halyard sheave and exit.
  • 1 x External jib halyard hanger, lock, sheave and exit.
  • 1 x 2:1 GS/SS/J5 sheave and exit.
  • Lazy jack allocated take offs
  • Dye-form standing rigging.
  • 2 reef carbon boom with 2 spinlock reef jammers.
  • Boom lazy jack attachments.
  • Aluminium mast base with halyard organisers.


Running Rigging:

  • 1 x 2:1 Main Halyard - SK99 8mm Performance Technora/Poly cover.
  • 1 x 1:1 Mast Head Halyard – SK78 8mm Performance Technora/Poly cover.
  • 1 x 1:1 Jib Halyard – SK99 8mm Performance Technora/Poly cover.
  • 1 x 1:1 Mast Head Tack Line – 78 8mm Performance Technora/Poly cover.
  • Jib sheeting control system – Port and Starboard. SK78 6mm
  • Course tune main sheet – SK78 8mm Performance Technora cover/Poly.
  • Fine tune main sheet – SK78 8mm Performance Fluro Technora/Poly cover.
  • *Top mast backstay control lines with fine tune – SK78 6/8mm Performance.
  • 2 x Jib Sheets – SK78 8mm Performance Technora/Poly cover.
  • 2 x Spin Sheets – SK78 8mm Performance Technora/Poly.
  • *2 x reefing control systems – SK78 8mm Performance.
  • *1 x Main traveller system – SK78 6mm Performance.
  • *1 x Vang control – SK78 6mm Performance.


Sail Inventory


I 11.935 m
J  3.880 m
P 12.20 m
E 4.34 m
ISP 13.65 m
STL 5.40 m
Headsail Area 25.0 m^2
Mainsail Area 34.2 m^2


Spares & Other Features

Rudders & Steering

  • Twin transom mounted impact-protect kick up system.
  • Fabricated aluminium open backed rudder cassettes with impact fuse.
  • Single GRP composite tiller and Spinlock tiller extension.
  • Tow in/out adjustment control.
  • Female moulded removable GRP rudder blades with gelcoat finish.


Water Ballast

  • 1 x Retractable in/out valve operational from cockpit.
  • 2 x 250L water ballast tanks in built.
  • Transfer plumbing system operational from cockpit.


Spares & Safety Gear

  • ISO Standard Cat A - 4 /Cat B – 6certification.
  • CE Certificate of Compliance.
  • Builders Certificate.
  • Certificate of origin.
  • Certificate of Delivery.
  • Stability index document.


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