Farr Yacht Design New Models

Farr Yacht Design is the top racing-yacht design team in the world based upon one of the most extensive, impressive records of winning yacht racing results ever compiled by a single design group. Our long-running record of achievement dates back more than 30 years and includes 43 world championships won in Farr designs and a multitude of design successes at internationally prestigious grand prix yachting events.

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2018 Farr Fast 40+

Farr Yacht Design’s Design 841 has been created to take a huge step forward in the design and refinement in the FAST 40+ world. This class has generated great interest due to the compelling performance of the boats and the ... Read More

The Infiniti 53, a new 53-foot canting keelboat suited for exceptional performance both offshore and inshore. The new yacht will feature a canting keel, gybing centerline daggerboard and leverages the dramatic performance advantages available through the DSS system. The design ... Read More

The Infiniti 46 R is the latest model in Infiniti Yachts’ range of DSS-powered yachts. The 46 is a state-of-the-art racing yacht designed and engineered for competing in coastal and offshore events with a crew of just six or seven ... Read More

New Farr 280 One Design

The Farr 280 One Design is a new production racing sailboat by Farr Yacht Design that delivers the excitement of grand prix racing to the under-30’ one design arena. As a modern one design, the Farr 280 delivers contemporary grand prix features and style ... Read More

New Farr 25 One Design

The Farr 25 OD is an exciting, new sportboat currently under construction by OD Yachting of Istanbul, Turkey.  Versatility, simplicity, and balance are the hallmarks of this unique design.  OD Yachting wanted a one-design that would impress advanced sailors with ... Read More

A 14ft. paddleboard, designed for flatwater and estuary races. Features a wave-piercing bow and a subtle peak along the centerline of the deck, allowing the bow to quickly shed water and return to the surface.

The design brief for the Horizon ... Read More