Farr Yacht Design Announces a new Fast 40+ project

Farr Yacht Design and Farr Yacht Sales are pleased to announce the new Farr Fast 40+ Offshore racing yacht in collaborations with Australian boat builder Van Munster Boats. This all new design is specifically built for offshore and distance racing while still very competitive on the inshore buoy racing course.

Design 841 – Fast 40+ Offshore

Around the world we are seeing a resurgence of interest in high performance race boats at the 40’ size.  Originating in the UK, the Fast 40+ class has gone from strength to strength providing exceptionally close racing for well matched, high performance 40 footers.  The dynamic performance of the Fast 40’s and their more accessible construction and operating costs have peaked the interest of sailors around the world.  We are seeing a significant amount of interest in boats of this style from Australia, New Zealand, USA, and European owners with particular interest in boats that are not solely targeted at inshore style racing.  Responding to this interest we have developed a brand new design that reflects the recent evolutions of the IRC and Fast 40+ rules, but is specifically optimised to a larger component of offshore sailing conditions; positioned to excel in both inshore regattas and in the offshore races.

Guiding principles of our FAST 40+ design 841 include:

  • Design parameters optimised to the 2018 FAST 40+ class rule and targeted to perform both inshore and offshore in dynamic conditions
  • An aggressive approach to maximize the benefit of moving crew weight both longitudinally and transversely
  • Refined, high stability/low drag hull shape integrated with advanced deck and structural design
  • Modern, open cockpit deck geometry designed to maximize efficient handling with minimized weight, windage and pitch gyradius
  • Maximum-performance high efficiency appendages for impressive downwind offshore performance and high lift in demanding conditions or racing in tight fleets
  • Easily re-modeable to optimise for inshore or offshore focused schedules
  • Light, reliable and efficient structural design integrated with deck and rig features

This design is developed to excel in coastal and offshore races where dynamic reaching performance is paramount while still providing excellent inshore performance in tight windward leeward regattas.  Design 841 is a product of the latest in design technology and leverages 40 years of design experience.  It features a fresh look at every element of the boat, leaving no stone unturned. It combines cutting-edge research with countless innovations and refinements that will define the next generation of FAST 40+.

We are in advanced discussions with Van Munster boats in Australia in preparation for a construction start that would see the first boat available for the Australian Summer. A full design presentation, proposed specification and pricing is available upon request.


IRC Rating 1.270
Length, Hull 12.55-12.60 m
Beam 4.15 m
Draft 3.00 m
Boat Weight 3850 kg
Bulb Weight 1900 kg, machined lead
Keel Fin 250 kg
I 16.65 m TPS
J 5.00 m Mainsail
P 17.35 m Jib
E 5.60 m Spinnaker
Hull Construction Pre-preg Carbon with Foam core
Standing Rigging Carbon
Backstays 1 Pair topmast backstay with deflector at Headstay
Motor                                          30 hp diesel inboard