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For Students


A message for aspiring yacht designers...
If you plan for a career in yacht design, an engineering degree (mechanical, structure, civil) with some subject selections in hydro or aero dynamics provides the base knowledge to do the job. Specialized naval architectural courses are available, but many only touch on yacht design, most being oriented towards ships and machinery. Practical drafting (computer and hand) is also essential.
We also recommend being involved in a sailboat building project. This type of hands-on experience is great for learning and understanding the art of yacht design from the boat builder's perspective.Competitive sailing is the proving ground for the competitive naval architect. Get a feel for what makes a boat fast. Good big boat sailors learned in, and most continue to sail in, dinghies.
You may wish to check the links below for some educational resources. I hope you find this information helpful and wish you success in the pursuit of your career goals.
--- G. Russell Bowler, President
Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. does not endorse any of the educational programs listed below. We simply offer them as a list of schools known to have Naval Architecture programs.