Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. is acknowledged as the top racing-yacht design team in the world based upon one of the most extensive and impressive records of winning yacht racing results ever compiled by a single design group.

Vice President & Senior Naval Architect


Jim Schmicker is a Vice President and Shareholder of Farr Yacht Design. He began his career at FYD in 1988 specializing in rating analysis and performance optimization. His experience in boat building and his knowledge of the IOR and IMS were invaluable to FYD during the late 80’s and early 90’s when world champion IOR 50’s, Whitbread Maxi’s, and One Tonner’s gave way to ILC Maxi’s, ILC 40’s and IMS Racers.
Jim’s responsibilities have expanded over the years to include preliminary design and concept development for all designs as well as roles in creating hulls, updating our in-house VPP and conducting research. Farr owners work closely with Jim throughout their projects. From the initial concept through to sea trials and performance optimization he often travels to meet with them, making sure their goals are understood in the early stages and then fine tuning the final product upon launching. Jim can also be found at key regatta sites around the world making sure that our designs are properly prepared for competition. 
The love for sailing began for Jim at the age of seven when he started crewing for his older siblings in 12’ sneakboxes (wooden catboats). After seeing a documentary film on the 1967 America’s Cup, Jim decided he wanted to design yachts. He carried through with that plan earning degrees from the Webb Institute and MIT in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and gaining practical experience building race boats and 12 meter yachts, being a member of a 1987 America’s Cup team and administering rating and handicap rules at US Sailing prior to joining FYD. 
Jim makes his home in Severna Park with his wife Susan and daughters Kate and Emily.