Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. is acknowledged as the top racing-yacht design team in the world based upon one of the most extensive and impressive records of winning yacht racing results ever compiled by a single design group.

Research & Development

Our team of research and design staff have been involved in a number of extensive research and development projects which have consistently produced exceptional designs with unrivaled performance records.

The team at Farr Yacht Design combines an unprecedented depth of yacht research experience with substantial internal research capabilities and state-of-the-art tools, all of which can be applied to improving our clients' designs. Where desirable we can augment our internal capabilities with external consultants and experimental facilities, many of which we have excellent working relationships.

Based on the client's resources and objectives we can tailor a research program to explore areas that are most likely to result in the largest performance gains. By tightly integrating the research phases with our design program we can efficiently evaluate concepts and incorporate the research results into the design. This helps to insure that all the implications of particular design concepts are properly considered.