Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. is acknowledged as the top racing-yacht design team in the world based upon one of the most extensive and impressive records of winning yacht racing results ever compiled by a single design group.

Performance Prediction & Optimization

To evaluate and optimize candidate design options it is essential to be able to accurately predict their performance. Much of our performance prediction work is completed in-house using our proprietary Velocity Prediction Program (VPP). This program has been in continual development over the past 10 years and can accurately predict the performance of a wide array of sailing yacht types. The internal formulations are custom developments that reflect an extensive array of FYD model test results and the extensive reporting features allow the production of detailed performance and sail usage guides. Because we have access to all of the underlying VPP code and formulations we can rapidly add features or new formulations to better capture the physics and performance of a particular design types. Recent in-house modifications to the VPP allow us to efficiently incorporate data from tank test or computational results to develop design specific hydrodynamic models. Similarly, we have the capability to implement custom aerodynamic coefficients into the VPP, which can improve the performance predictions and allows us to efficiently incorporate results from wind-tunnel tests or other data sources.